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Butterfield Online

Online Banking and Custody

Offering you 24-hour, secure internet access to your account Butterfield Online is available to both individuals and companies/institutions. 


Individuals will appreciate the convenience, efficiency, control and security which the system provides.


For companies and institutions our Online banking system has been designed to enable the set up of your own users, quickly and easily, with dual control over input and the release of instructions.  With provision of a username and password your own client or third parties can be provided with access to account and transaction information.


Butterfield Online Banking will enable you to:

  • Check balances
  • View up to 365 days of transaction history
  • Pay Bills
  • Set-up Money Market Fixed Deposits and provide instructions at maturity
  • Initiate Foreign Exchange
  • Transfer funds between Internal Accounts
  • Initiate International Payments
  • Send secure messages to the Bank
  • Sensitive data is encrypted during transmission using one of the highest levels of security encryption commercially available.


Butterfield Online Custody will enable you to:

  • Access multiple portfolios via a single login


You will also be able to view and export:

  • Pending securities transactions
  • Securities no longer held
  • Securities book costs, prices and values
  • Current security positions
  • Securities transaction history, including cost and proceeds details



Faster Payments Service


Butterfield Bank (Guernsey) Limited has joined the 'Faster Payments' Service Platform which can be accessed through Butterfield Online.


This new 'Faster Payments' service will allow you to send payments that will usually be processed and    sent to the beneficiary's account within 2 hours, subject to our normal checks performed for the purposes of complying with applicable laws.


The 'Faster Payments' service, will be available for all payments up to £100,000 between the hours of    9am and 4pm Monday to Friday, subject to being a business day. If a Faster Payment is received after 4pm it will be sent for next working day value. All other payments will be sent by CHAPS.


All 'Faster Payments' have to be sent to a beneficiary sort code that is 'Faster Payment' compliant. It is   your responsibility to ensure that the beneficiary sort code you use is compliant. Should any payments be rejected because the sort code is non-faster payment compliant, such payments will be sent by CHAPS. 


Currency Payments - Due to the fluctuation of the currency markets, we are unable to process online   cross-currency payments in excess of £10,000 during business hours on a business day and £1,000   outside of business hours on a business day. Please contact your relationship manager for assistance     with such payment requests.


Please note that all transaction will be subject to an available balance check and 'Faster Payments' cannot be used with standing orders.


For further information please refer to the General and Online terms and conditions.

For more information: 

Contact your Relationship Manager

Tel +44 (0) 1481 711521

E mail:





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